Hello, I love to create stuff! While an animator and cg artist by trade I do enjoy writing a few lines of code now and then as well. If you like what you see, get in touch and let's work together to make something special. When not working, you find me with a camera, a beer or poking in a bbq.

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Amazon CloudFront Edges in AWStats

Here's a quick breakdown of how to get the usage of your different Amazon CloudFront Edge locations within AWStats. I confess that I get some crazy pleasure from collecting statistics, still though, bandwidth usage is of interest in this case, as well as hits and that it can be interesting to see which regions most of the visitors come from.
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Download AWS S3 Logs with Python & boto

I’ve started to move my static content for some of my web sites to Amazon Web Services using S3 and CloudFront for delivery. I’ve enabled logging for my CloudFront distributions as well as my public S3 buckets, and wanted to be able to automatically download the logs using cron to my server for processing with AWStats.

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Paste Clipboard to Dropbox with DOpus

One thing I keep doing over and over again is taking screenshots to share with friends, colleagues, forums and so on by hosting it online. To make that process as quick and streamlined as possible I’ve setup a button to automate this in my file manager of choice, Directory Opus.

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Editor Styles for Custom Post Types in WordPress 3.0

I’ve had some fun playing around with the recently released WordPress 3.0, Beta 1. One of my new favorite additions is the add_editor_style() which allows you to assign a CSS file for the TinyMCE when editing posts, pages and the new custom post types. This is very handy to get closer to a WYSIWYG experience in WordPress’ editor and not having to preview the posts all the times while writing, to check where line breaks end up and so on (if you care about those things).

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Optimize and style Contact Form 7 for WordPress

One of my favorite WordPress plugins is Contact Form 7 which I use on several of my WordPress based sites. Even though it’s highly customizable and configurable I have a few gripes with some hard coded functions in it. You can always edit the plugin file, which I did at first, but then you have to reapply your edits every time the plugin gets updated, which can be cumbersome as this plugin gets updated quite often. So instead of keep editing the plugin file on every update I created some overrides instead.

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Email log messages library in CodeIgniter

When working with CodeIgniter, I’ve found the log message functionality built into the framework very helpful. The other day I noticed in my log of one of my CodeIgniter based sites that I’ve had some 404 errors going on for some time. As I don’t have the time to check my logs daily, I hadn’t noticed this problem until now.

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No dog for me, to compensate there's always a few projects running I give some extra attention and love to.


My animation and vfx asset tracker and project manager. I started building Shinobi as I needed it for a film production, and then it got a life of its own.

Little Ninja Story

A 3D animated short film I'm making on my spare time. The web site is still to be built as soon as the project has come a bit further. Down the road I hope to turn this into a community project of some sort. This film gives me the opportunity to write some new tools along the way.


This is my 3d portfolio website and journal. I've had this around for a long time and I keep posting new stuff to it now and then as well as releasing and documenting any new plugins I might write for the cg industry.